WIDE+ Europe

Women in Development Europe+ (WIDE+) is a feminist network that aims to promote women´s rights in and beyond Europe, with a focus on transforming unequal global economic relations from a feminist perspective. WIDE+ members are organisations and individuals (women*). WIDE Austria is a member of the European WIDE+ network.

The association Women in Development Europe (WIDE) was originally founded in Ireland in 1989. With the establishment of the European Union, WIDE and its office moved to Brussels (1992-2011). After some years of informal cooperation, the network was formally re-founded as WIDE+ in 2015.

WIDE+ is registered as an international non-profit association under the Belgium law, with the registration number IVZW 631.932.333.

WIDE+ has an elected board and an elected advisory body (“caucus”). While the board is responsible for legal matters and the overview of the project implementation, the caucus gives strategic guidance and is also a space for exchange.

WIDE+ works very much with digital tools (e-mail, social media, online meeting tools, webinars). Members and non-members can subscribe to the WIDE+ e-newsletter.