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Establishing Community Based Feedback and Complaint Mechanisms

14th of February 2019, 9:30-17:00
Venue: WIDE, Margaretenstraße 166, Top Floor, Meetingroom

With: Alexandra Hileman (IOM) and Karen Glisson (Core Humanitarian Standards Alliance)

Organizers: WIDE and Global Responsibility

Humanitarian aid organisations and organisations working in development cooperation are committed to the principles of do-no-harm and highly aware of the risks of sexual exploitation and abuse in aid and development programs and projects. It is considered as good practice to develop internal and external policies on protection from sexual exploitation and abuse and to establish appropriate feedback and complaint mechanisms.

The two experts from the UN Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC)/Task Team on Accountability to Affected Population and Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse will provide specific input on the topics of the workshop and facilitate exchange and reflection between the participants.

Main questions which will be explored in the workshop are:

  • How to strengthen the structures of one’s organisation and partners to be able to protect beneficiaries, participants and staff from sexual exploitation and abuse?
  • How to safely deal with complaints of sexual exploitation and abuse and strengthen accountability to affected populations?
  • How to link up with the international coordination-system in humanitarian assistance?

Details: see pdf invitation

Limited number of participants.

Please register with: wurzer@wide-netzwerk.at

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