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Rita Hope Aciro-Lakor, winner of EU Human Rights Defender Award 2021

Discussion and talk in English

Times have always been tough for women’s human rights: two steps forward, one step back? The women’s movement is key to advancing gender equality. UWONET, the Ugandan Women’s Network, is a flagship network for women’s rights in East Africa and a great role model. Rita Hope Aciro-Lakor, Executive Director of UWONET, will share with the audience how the network has managed to consolidate the interests of women and girls in all their diversity into a Women’s Manifesto in 2015, advancing five key demands: the improvement of women’s health, land and property rights, education, economic empowerment and political decision-making. What have been the main achievements for women in Uganda and what are the main challenges in maintaining and building on these achievements?

Rita Hope Aciro-Lakor is a human rights activist and defender and the Executive Director of Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET). She has over 20 years of experience of being at the forefront of advocacy and campaigning on the rights of women and girls.

Claudia Thallmayer (WIDE coordinator)

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