Gender and Climate Justice – Knowledge for Empowerment – Vienna Report

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Informative report of a knowledge building event held in Vienna on 2-3 June 2023 in the framework of the COPGENDERED Erasmus+ project of WIDE+ and partners. Download of the report -> ReportCOPGendered2023

The Report contains summaries of the following lectures and exercises:

  • Anke Schaffartzik: „Global resource use – climate change and inequalities in the use of natural resources between the global North and South; extractivism and international trade relations; intersecting inequalities“ (Lecture)
  • Patricia Muñoz Cabrera: „Climate justice – Indigenous women’s struggle against the rush for ‚white gold‘ (lithium) in the Andes“ (Lecture)
  • Daniela Paredes-Grijalva: „Climate-induced forced migration“ (Group work: Forced migration and gendered labour in the context of climate change in the Global South)
  • Samantha Hargreaves: „Resistance – Environmental and social impacts of energy exploitation on the livelihoods of communities and women in the global south; women claiming the right to say NO“ (Lecture)
  • Kiara Groneweg: „Demand for Energy – Examples of gender-responsive approaches to sustainable provision and inclusive access to energy“ (Presentation of projects)
  • Christa Wichterich: „Just transition – Introduction to the concepts of green economy, circular economy, de-growth and care-centred, feminist, sustainable economic approaches“ (Lecture)
  • Martha Salazar: „Gender and Climate Policy“ (Interactive session: How do we EnGender climate policy processes? Women’s voices and meaningful participation in local and multilateral climate policies)
  • Impressions of a bike tour to Seestadt Aspern (Vienna), guided by Claudia Falkinger
  • Impressions of a walking tour through Seestadt Aspern (Vienna) guided by Claudia Falkinger and Magdalena Bürbaumer


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