Online Talk: Feminist & youth perspectives on the Climate Conference 2023

with Mana Omar (Kenya), Jasmin Lang and Martin Krenn (Austria)

Tuesday, 16th of January 2024, 5.00 pm (CET)

Feminist South Perspectives on the Climate Crisis – Online talk series by Südwind & WIDE


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Whose priorities and interests were considered at the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 that took place in December 2023 in Dubai, with the head of the United Arab Emirates‘ state oil company presiding the climate summit? How could feminist and youth climate activists make themselves heard?


In this online talk, Mana Omar, an environmental expert and feminist climate activist from Kenya, Jasmin […]

Gender and climate-induced migration

Briefing paper by Isabella Szukits

The climate crisis affects millions of people worldwide. However, not everyone feels its effects equally. The main causes of global heating are the burning of fossil fuels and our current economic system, which is based on the exploitation of nature and people. People in the Global South and young people have not contributed as much to these causes, but they have to live with and deal with the effects.

Briefing paper (pdf): Gender & climate-induced migration


While a direct link between the climate crisis and migration decisions might not always be […]

Petition: Gerechte Kompensation für Klimaschäden!

WIDE unterstützt die Südwind-Petition nach gerechter Kompensation für Klimaschäden!

Ein fairer Ausgleichsfonds für den Globalen Süden bei der 28. Weltklimakonferenz!


Verluste und Schäden durch die Klimakrise – auch genannt „Loss and Damage“ – sind bereits jetzt Realität für unzählige Menschen. Sie reichen von extremen Flutkatastrophen in Libyen, Pakistan oder Nigeria, über Küstenerosion durch den steigenden Meeresspiegel bis hin zu Dürren und Wasserknappheit in vielen afrikanischen Ländern.


Hier die Forderungen im Detail und die Petition zum Unterschreiben!


Das sind die Forderungen:
1. Der Fonds muss groß genug sein, um den Herausforderungen durch […]

22. November 2023|Aktion|Themen: |

Mana Omar on the climate impacts on pastoralist indigenous communities in Kenya

Feminist South perspectives on the climate crisis

Online talk with Mana Omar

Environmental expert Mana Omar will speak about the impacts of the climate crisis on pastoralist communities in Kenya (Somali, Maasai), focusing on the losses and damages they do experience and gendered aspects of the climate crisis.

She will talk about the efforts of building climate resilience among pastoralist communities and promoting additional income sources for women.

Moderated by Joachim Raich, climate justice advocate at Südwind.
Language: English
Date: Wednesday, 22. November 2023, 5.00 – 6.30 pm (CET)
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Mana Omar
is the executive […]

Feminist South Perspectives on the Climate Crisis – Online Talk Series

The climate crisis is accelerating. Yet rich nations delay decisive action, while many countries in the Global South already face the harshest impacts of the climate crisis, resulting in lives and homes lost, existences and ecosystems wiped out. At the same time, climate-induced impacts like droughts and water-scarcity are often exacerbated by resource extraction, ranging from mineral (Gold, Lithium) to biomass (wood, soy, palmoil, rubber, leather) resources.

Against these adversities, many strong women fight the climate crisis on the frontlines in the Global South. Women often form the backbone of climate movements.

In this series of online talks, WIDE and Südwind invite […]

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Filipino climate activist Joanna Sustento – Daughter of the Storm


Online Talk – part of the series: Feminist South Perspectives on the Climate Crisis, organized by Südwind and WIDE

Joanna Sustento is a survivor of Super Taiphoon Haiyan (2013). She will talk about her journey into the climate movement and the current situation of the climate movement in the Philippines. She is a mobilizer and helps to make the climate movement bigger. In doing so, she is active for „Roots“, a global initiative of Greenpeace that works with people and communities who are on the frontlines of the climate crisis. Joanna more particularly believes in the power of storytelling, which is […]

31. Oktober 2023||Themen: |
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