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Online-Talk in English with Sara Mohamed, environmental scientist from Sudan.

Part of an online series on „Feminist South Perspectives on the Climate Crisis“ organized by Südwind and WIDE.

25th of Oktober 2023, 17:00 Uhr (CEST)


Follow – up video (ca. 11 min): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHE52lz7oP0&list=PLBgbUra582R4daqfliqWLSv23BdAE4aI7


Foto credits: Women in mining area in Sudan, by Waad Ebrahim

Sara Mohamed will share her insights into the artisanal gold mining sector of Sudan against the backdrop of colonial extractivist legacies and the mining regime in Sudan. Gold is not only used for jewellery but also for industrial products like mobile phones, and it is massively stored in central banks around the world as a guarantee for currencies. Having worked for the Sudanese Ministry of Minerals, Sara Mohamed will be highlighting the health and safety concerns as well as the environmental degradation that occurs in mining. Extractivism exacerbates the already negative consequences of the climate crisis, for example affecting the water quality of the Nile river. She will also talk about the role of women, as those often being affected first and the most, and provide an outlook on possible future perspectives and what will need to happen for hopeful change to occur.

Moderated by Joachim Raich, climate justice advocate at Südwind.

About Sara Mohamed:

She is an environmental scientist from Sudan. She holds a Master of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Khartoum, during which she dedicated her research to the „Economic Evaluation of Environmental Impacts on Human Health“ in Abu Ragah village and El Khanag Gold Market.

Her academic prowess also includes a Bachelor of Science Honors in Geology with a specialization in Petroleum Geology. Sara’s educational journey paved the way for her career, rooted in a passion for environmental protection and sustainable development. She is a dedicated advocate for environmental conservation and gender equality, having volunteered with the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society. Sara’s journey continues on an international stage as she currently pursues a Master of Science in Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering at BOKU University in Vienna, Austria, with a specialization in the human dimension and socio-economic aspects of sustainable development.

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