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WIDE / WIDE+: Transnational Training / Capacity Building

Gender and Climate Justice

2. & 3. June 2023 in Vienna

In this two-days training, critical linkages between the struggle for gender equality and climate justice will be discussed. Topics tackled will be: unsustainable global ressource use, extractivism and women´s livelihoods in the Global South, women´s resistance, gender in climate policies, energy alternatives, and gender and mobility.

The workshop will be held in English.

Please note: Registration by now closed – limited number of participants.

Place: Otto Mauer Zentrum, Währingerstr. 2-4, 1090 Vienna, Austria
Organized by: WIDE (Austria) in cooperation with WIDE+ (European network)

With financial support of the Erasmus+ programme and the Austrian Development Cooperation


Information about the programme, speakers, registration (pdf)


DAY 1: Friday, 2.6.2023 (9.30-18.30)


INTRODUCTION: What are critical linkages between the struggle for gender equality and climate justice, from an intersectional feminist perspective? (Sarah Louis Montgomery)

GLOBAL RESOURCE USE: Climate change and inequalities in the use of natural resources between global North and South; extractivism and international trade relations; intersecting inequalities (Anke Schaffartzik)

CLIMATE JUSTICE: Indigenous women´s struggle against the “white gold” rush (Lithium) in the Andes (Patricia Muñoz Cabrera)

CLIMATE-INDUCED FORCED MIGRATION: Forced migration and gendered labour in the context of climate change in the global South (Daniela Paredes-Grijalva)

[Lunch break]

RESISTANCE: Environmental and social impacts of the exploitation of energy sources (fossil fuels, minerals, water dams) on the livelihoods of communities and women in the global South; women claim the right to say NO (Samantha Hargreaves) – in cooperation with the VIDC

DEMAND FOR ENERGY: Examples of gender-just approaches towards a sustainable provision and inclusive access to energy (Kiara Groneweg)


DAY 2: Saturday, 3.6.2023 (9.30-19.30)

JUST TRANSITION: Introduction to the concepts of green economy, circular economy, de-growth and care-centered feminist sustainable economic approaches (Christa Wichterich)

GENDER AND CLIMATE POLICIES – Interactive session: How are we EnGendering climate-related political processes? Women´s voices and meaningful participation in local and multilateral climate policies (Martha Salazar). Note for participants: Please bring some thematically related material (like a flyer, poster, book, poetry or visual art) from your work! 

ENERGY CITIZENSHIP: Sharing of research results (Elena Georgiadi)

[Lunch break]

EXCURSION to SEESTADT ASPERN, Vienna (options to go there: by public transport or by bicycle):

Walking tour on GENDER AND MOBILITY at Seestadt Aspern (Claudia Falkinger and Magdalena Bürbaumer)

Final meeting at Yella Yella! LGBTIQ+ neighbourhood meeting point at Seestadt Aspern

REFLECTION: How to integrate critical knowledge as well as approaches and examples of women-led and gender-just sustainable solutions and development initiatives into adult education? (WIDE, WIDE+)



This transnational training / capacity building is part of an Erasmus+ project, led by WIDE+ (COPGendered project). It is co-funded by the European Union and the Austrian Development Agency. The objectives are:

  • Lay the ground for an in-depth understanding of relevant inter-linkages between gender equality and climate justice
  • Raise awareness around the topics (un-)sustainable energy, transport systems, migration due to climate change, from an intersectional feminist perspective
  • Build knowledge on women´s perspectives from the global South on “climate justice” and crucial elements of a “just transition”
  • Raise awareness about women´s voices in relevant multilateral processes
  • Create a knowledge base for the further development of adult education material (within the WIDE+-led COPGendered Erasmus+ project.


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