Feminist Economic Alternatives

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Report from an ActionAid webinar
By Margaux Bolzan

(22.12.2020) A new report of Action Aid Netherlands was presented in a webinar on the 9th of December 2020. In this event, experts gathered to discuss about the report which provides policy and analytical frameworks for feminist economic alternatives (FEAs).


The speakers were Mariama SONKO (president of the NSS/We Are the Solution, Senegal), Soledad SALVADOR (economist and researcher on development and gender at the Interdisciplinary Center for Development Studies, Uruguay) and Roos SAALBRINK (policy and advocacy manager on women’s economic rights at Womankind Worldwide).


The moderators, Rachel WALKER (Women’s Rights Campaign Manager in ActionAid Netherlands), Lila CABELLERO (Head of research and Programme Policy in ActionAid UK) and Fatimah KELLEHER (International Women’s Rights Strategic and Technical Adviser) introduced this topic by pointing out the fact that the prevailing economic system serves both to exploit and exacerbate women’s relative position of economic, social, and political exclusion.


It is precisely the overreliance on women’s underpaid labour and the exploitation of natural resources that sustain the exploitative and extractive neoliberal economic model. The pursuit of this model based on endless economic growth and trade liberalisation leads, among others, to the privatisation of public goods and public services, the deregulation of labour and to even more gender inequalities.


Read the article (pdf)


Link to the ActionAid report: Another World is Possible: Advancing feminist economic alternatives to secure rights, justice and autonomy for women and a fair, green, gender equal world


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