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(2.3.2024) As a follow-up, 3 short videos (10-12 min) have been produced from this online talk series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBgbUra582R4daqfliqWLSv23BdAE4aI7 


The climate crisis is accelerating. Yet rich nations delay decisive action, while many countries in the Global South already face the harshest impacts of the climate crisis, resulting in lives and homes lost, existences and ecosystems wiped out. At the same time, climate-induced impacts like droughts and water-scarcity are often exacerbated by resource extraction, ranging from mineral (Gold, Lithium) to biomass (wood, soy, palmoil, rubber, leather) resources.

Against these adversities, many strong women fight the climate crisis on the frontlines in the Global South. Women often form the backbone of climate movements.

In this series of online talks, WIDE and Südwind invite women from different regions of the world to share their experiences and stories of struggle against the climate crisis and extractivism.

We aim to bring their stories to the forefront so that people can emotionally connect to the lived realities of the climate crisis, learn and become active too in the struggle for climate justice.

Indigenous struggle against the white gold rush in the Andes
Online-talk with Ercilia Araya Altamirano, representative of an indigenous community, Ariel León Bacián, lawyer, and Patricia Muñoz Cabrera, WIDE+ member and international consultant
27th of July 2023 (5.00 pm CEST)

Climate Crisis – Feminist Perspectives from Colombia
Online-Talk with Gabriela Franco and Juliana Andrade, climate activists
12th of October 2023 (5.00 pm CEST)

Gold mining in Sudan: Women, the climate crisis & extractivism
Online-Talk with Sara Mohamed, environmental scientist
25th of October 2023 (5.00 pm CEST)

Kenyan perspectives on the climate crisis: 
Mana Omar on the climate impacts on pastoralist indigenous communities
22nd of November 2023, 5.00 pm (CET)

Filipino climate activist Joanna Sustento – Daughter of the Storm
Online-Talk with Joanna Sustento, climate activist
15th December 2023 (1.00 pm CET) – CANCELLED

Feminist & youth perspectives on the Climate Conference 2023
16th January 2024, 5.00 pm (CET)
with Mana Omar (Kenya), Jasmin Lang and Martin Krenn (Austria)



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