WIDE Erasmus+ project on gender, migration and democracy concluded

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Reports and publications available

(31.1.2019) “The Europe we want? Feminist approaches to gender, migration, and democracy” was an Erasmus+ project that brought together five women´s rights organisations from different European countries in 2017 and 2018:
CEIM, GADIP, Karat Coalition, Le Monde selon les femmes, and WIDE

The Erasmus+ project enabled us to organize exchange meetings among adult educators, feminists, migrant women´s activists and others, to discuss about current challenges related to gender and migration, and to get to know inspiring anti-racist feminist approaches in adult education.

WIDE Europe frontpageThe themes discussed ranged from violence against human rights defenders and narrowing space for civil society, security-oriented discourses that instigate fears and anti-Muslim racist discrimination, the externalisation of the European border regime and its impact on women´s human rights, as well as efforts and innovative ways of working with and empowering refugee and migrant women, raising public awareness about gender and migration, and about democratic challenges related to migration and citizenship. Different innovative non-formal educational initiatives for the empowerment of migrant women and feminist analysis were presented and discussed.


A joint online-publication, reports, articles and a video were produced and are available online. They are meant to serve as a resource for adult educators and the interested public.

WIDE (ed.) (2018): The Europe we want? Feminist approaches to gender, migration, and democracy. Vienna, 88 pages
download pdf

Le Monde selon les femmes: Mais où est le genre ? Les impacts du genre sur la migration internationale, par Chloé Rousset et Déborah Schoenmaeckers, 06/2018. In: L’observatoire n°95 : „femmes et violences de l’exil“
download pdf

GADIP Report (2018): Women in Diaspora. How do they meet and how are they approached in society? Workshop October 2017
download pdf

GADIP Report (2018): Women’s voices: Civil society and immigrant women’s rights, May 29, 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden
download pdf

GADIP Report (2019): Collaborative Learning for Women´s Empowerment. Workshop on pedagogy with a focus on migrant women, 12 October 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden download pdf

GADIP Video “Strong Women”, Interview with Nancy Contreras on “Collaborative learning”
(in Swedish with subtitles in English)

See also: project description and information on the joint e-publication.

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The European Commission support for the production of these publications does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

CEIM – Centro de Estudios e Investigación sobre Mujeres (Spanien)
Le Monde selon les femmes (Belgien)
GADIP – Network Gender and Development in Practice (Schweden)
Karat Coalition (Polen)
WIDE – Entwicklungspolitisches Netzwerk für Frauenrechte und feministische Perspektiven (Austria)

In cooperation with:
WIDE+ – Women in Development+ (Belgien)

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